Microsoft office tools, help millions of people around the world to do their day to day work. From documents for school or office to sales presentations or tracking data in sheets or doing reports in Excel. However most of the users never use advanced features and a lot number of them struggle with these tools to make it work effectively or they loose their mind trying to work through thousands of options and menus. If you use any of the MS office tools and lose hours trying to get things done correctly or face any issue, then ZaraSin services are available to provide you with a helping hand to get things done.

  • If you work with Excel, for simple data entry, formatting, charts and reporting, Pivot tables, multiple sheet, have multiple excel sheets or need any advanced reporting from sheets or external databases.
  • Do you write lots of documents and struggle with formatting, alignment or any advanced features?
  • If you work with presentations and find it difficult to get to the right options to bring your thoughts to powerpoint?
  • Do you receive lots of emails and need help to effectively manage your mailbox and save time?

If you find yourself related to any of these pain-points then all you need is ask for ZaraSin helping hands to support you in your work.


For people and kids who are interested in learning computer tools we can arrange for computer education sessions as well. For details, please send us an inquiry.