Computers, mobiles

Computer servicesComputer is an amazing tool and it has changed human life in ways that no other tool did before. It improved with a lot and became easy to operate for a regular home user. However, it was at cost of complexity. This complexity sometimes can be painful. ZaraSin Help Services can help take that pain away. If your problem is any of the below or any other software related then we are happy to help you.

  • Do you need to upgrade your Operating system or software?
  • Any software or computer in general does not work properly?
  • Is your computer too slow?
  • Do you have trouble with viruses?
  • Do you face troubles with Internet usage?


What we don’t do is to replace or repair hardware. However, we can advise you on the basics in case needed.


Smartphone servicesSmartphones and tablets have reached every corner of the this planet and to people of all age groups. Technological improvements such as high speed mobile internet, Apple marketing, Google’s android and China’s manufacturing facilities have made smartphones a necessity. While we have thousands of smartphones around us, it also means there are more and more problems as well. A normal user always have one or another problem with the phone, that she is not able to solve without help. You may have simple problems as

  • Mobile works really slow
  • Problem with viruses
  • Need to save photos, videos or music
  • Not able to play music or video files
  • Need to share photos or files easily with others
  • Applications are giving problems or getting too many adverts

If you have any of these or any other problems with your smartphone (Android, Apple or Windows), check with ZaraSin for help.