mathematic services

Math is an integral part of life today. So much so that we do not even realise it. It not just helps to manage our salary and expense, but it is also the foundation of many fields include science, games, sports, physics, architecture, computers, cryptography and even art and design. Still a lot of students found it hard to learn an “unnecessary subject” in their class. Challenge is that as an education system we fail to make a child understand the value that Math brings in various parts of our life. In this scope we help the students who need extra support not just to pass their exams, but also to learn the value of Math and adopt it as a valuable tool in their daily life. If you or your child or a friend needs help on the journey of Mathematics, then we are here to hold your hand all the way.

We cover all the subjects of and up till Državna Matura B.

  • Numbers and Algebra
  • Arithmetics
  • Functions
  • Equations and inequalities
  • Trignometery
  • Geometry
  • Real world modelling problems based on above topics


Based on the initial evaluation, we make a plan for the individual. The plan is revised based on the progress, speed and regularity of the student. All the details of the topics covered every time are recorded and can be made available if needed by student or parents.

Number of days needed depends on the initial level of understanding of mathematics and speed of improvement. To avoid panic at the last moment, we advise to start learning as early as possible.